There are many great iPad cases on the market. These cases will protect your iPad from scratches, bumps, and other damage. However, they can also get in the way of your daily use. Here are some examples: Otterbox Kids, BookBook, Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360, and Zugucase. 


The BookBook iPad case is a handmade hardback leather case that protects and enhances your iPad Pro experience. It features a built-in sketching and typing angle, allowing you to sit comfortably for long periods of time while using your iPad. It is also designed to protect your wrists while you're using your iPad.

Designed to protect your iPad against damage, BookBook's slim design offers an uncomplicated, elegant solution. The case has a waterproof outer shell and a soft, padded interior that prevents dust and scratches. It also features an external USB interface, allowing you to charge your iPad while it's in its case.

Gexmil Leather

Gexmil offers iPad cases and sleeves in a variety of colors and designs. These durable and lightweight accessories can be bought online or at local stores. Gexmil's iPad cases feature precise cutouts for the tablet's camera, speakers, and buttons. They are also available in a variety of colors so that you can match the case to your own tastes and preferences.

Gexmil Leather iPad cases are a great value because they protect your tablet from scratches and bumps and also add style to the tablet. Depending on the material used, these cases can cost as little as $30 or as much as $100. However, if you're looking to save money on your case, check out Apple Store coupons.

Otterbox Kids

The OtterBox Kids Grip iPad case is made for small hands and is designed to protect your child's iPad from everyday wear and tear and tumbles. Made with durable and resilient materials, it is sure to keep your child's iPad safe from scratches and damage. It can also withstand drops and tumbles.

In addition to its protective cases, OtterBox has added new kid-friendly accessories. One of these is a $40 glass screen protector with blue light-filtering capabilities. Another accessory is the EasyGrab Mobile Cable Bundle, an innovative coiled design that includes an audio cable and a USB-A to Lightning cable.

Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360

The Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360 iPad case is designed for easy one-handed use. Its molded frame with thick grips protects the edges of the tablet while not interfering with the tablet's controls. It also features a wide neoprene strap that hugs the iPad's hands.

This tough case is surrounded by durable TPU rubber to protect the iPad's edges. It does not interfere with the touchscreen, and is designed to protect the tablet from falls of up to.8 meters onto concrete. It also has raised edges around the screen to protect it from scratches.

Griffin Metropolis Folio

Griffin's newest iPad case, the Metropolis Folio, is an attractive, protective solution for your iPad. The slim profile and impact-resistant core provide 360-degree protection, while the folio cover doubles as a stand. It's also equipped with an Apple Pencil holder and works with Apple's new pairing technology. This iPad case is ideal for the everyday user.

This stylish yet protective case is crafted from tough TPU and injection-molded D30 for maximum drop protection. It's also lightweight, with a folio cover that lets you wake and sleep the tablet automatically. It's also felt-lined to keep the screen from scratches.


The Zugucase Symmetry Series iPad 9.7 case is a lightweight, ultra-protective case that easily snaps on to protect your device from dings, scratches, and drops. It also features an integrated holder for the Apple Pencil. And because it's made of clear material, it allows you to view all of your iPad's assets and tags.

Both Defender and Symmetry series iPad cases come with built-in screen protectors. However, the Defender comes with more accessories. While both Symmetry and Defender are great for protecting your iPad from damage, the Defender is ideal for people with active lifestyles or a rugged lifestyle.