The iPad smart cover is a fantastic addition. Today, stores and online have various iPad Pro 12.9 cases to keep your tablet safe and secure. In addition, Zugucase has many covers and accessories to cater to your tablet. What is, however, even brighter? Furthermore, creating a personalized cover is considerably less expensive.

When your iPad is scratched and damaged, it makes you feel ashamed. However, the cost is high if you purchase tablet covers and cases online. Therefore, consider making your tablet and iPad case at home with these DIY iPad Pro 12.9 case ideas, which will add style and reliable protection to your electronic devices. In addition, this tablet cover is a soft and safe layer, so avoid daily wear and tear on your pricey tablets.

We've compiled some of the best DIY tutorials that help you how to make your iPad cases or covers using items you may find around the house and repurpose.

Felt DIY Tablet Case

With this handmade DIY felt tablet cover, you can make your tablets safer. The felt cloth is a terrific option for making your tablet covers because it is very soft. 

This DIY tablet cover is ideal for both sexes and may be personalized however you like. Selecting a contrasting felt for the pocket may give the front of the garment a splash of color. Choose a vibrant thread for the stitching, or add some variety by using discarded buttons to close this lovely handmade case.

  • Collect equipment and materials.
  • Trim the felt to fit your tablet, following the pattern using a rotating blade and ruler.
  • Top stitch the pocket's top and bottom flaps.
  • Mark the button placement center on the flap and pocket.
  • Attach the leather cord using a zigzag thread at the button placement's center mark.
  • On the felt, hand-sew both buttons.
  • Pin the pocket into place after stacking layers of felt to line the flap, so they meet in the middle.
  • Sew 3/4 "pocket has a seam along the bottom and sides.
  • The case's front and back are together with a 3/4 "topstitch.
  • Sew the top case flap to line up with the top of the pocket.
  • Your tablet and its accessories should glide inside the felt case.
  • To keep the case closed, wrap the leather around the buttons.

DIY IPad Pro 12.9 Leather Case

Everyone wants to protect their tablets from scuffs and other harm, and this DIY iPad pro 12.9 leather case can help. You can quickly stitch together the clutch-style tablet cover and keep your tablets safe inside it using some sheets of leather.

  • In the middle of your leather, place the tablet. With around an inch on either side for the seams, measure and cut the material to construct an envelope cover pattern around your tablet.
  • Secure the bag portion of the envelope case using clips or pins.
  • In your sewing machine, sew the sides of the pouch together using heavy-duty thread and a needle.
  • Turn the envelope case over, and hand sews a loop in the back center of the case using a piece of double-looped thread. This will serve as the closing.
  • To close the case, pass a lengthy piece of twine, ribbon, or thread through the loop. Then go for a spin with your tablet!

DIY Tablet Carrying Bag

Make this tablet carrying case with a strap to hold it across your shoulders if you have buttery fingers. Use any fabric you choose to create this bag that functions as a tablet carrying case. The DIY iPad pro 12.9 case would also be a wonderful present for your loved ones.

  • Measure the tablet's width and height.
  • Cut two outside pieces and two lining pieces to those dimensions, adding 3′′ to the height and width.
  • Cut the fusible fleece into two identical-sized pieces.
  • Cut a lining piece for the pocket lining along with the fusible material.
  • Fuse the fleece to the pocket lining, strap, tabs, and outer main cloth.
  • Place the pocket lining piece in the center, right sides together, 1 1/2 inches from the long length of one of the main outer pieces, and pin.
  • Create an opening with a long pocket piece on the wrong side by measuring down 1 inch from the top of the pocket piece.
  • To construct an outside pocket, center the zipper in the opening and sew around it.
  • To create a zipper sandwich with the lining aligned with the outside fabric, place the lining fabric right sides down on top of the zipper.
  • Make D-rings.
  • Design the strap. Swivel clips should be attached to the strap ends after turning the raw edges under and sewing.
  • Once the strap is connected to the D-Rings, you are ready to go.

DIY iPad Pro 12.9 Case And Stand

Are you looking for a homemade tablet cover with a stand? Get this propped-up tablet case since it has so many benefits on both sides. First, it shields your tablet's screen and allows it to stand straight.

  • Your binder should be free of the binder boards.
  • Cut the boards a little bigger than the size of your tablet.
  • When trimming your cloth, leave an inch or so of space on all four edges.
  • The backs of the boards should be lightly coated with Mod Podge before being pressed on the fabric.
  • To accommodate the elastic strap, punch slits in the back.
  • Put the elastic strap through the iPad case and fasten it.
  • Cut four elastic strips, shape them to fit the iPad's corners, then affix them to the card stock.
  • The elastic and card stock should be affixed to your iPad case.
  • Lay your interior fabric on the cover, then cut it to size. Leave the cloth's four edges with about a 1/2′′ of additional fabric.
  • Fold the raw fabric under the sides and corners after applying Mod Podge fabric to the interior.
  • Make holes in the cloth for the elastic loops, then Mod Podge the remaining lining in place.
  • Create a hole for the camera in the iPad case.

This homemade iPad case offers excellent protection for the device and functions admirably as a stand. You may thoroughly fold it back to show the iPad a little slope for better typing. Or you could place the iPad on the stand and watch movies!